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 T-Shirts $22.00 each

 (includes taxes & shipping!)


Happy Pride!

Pride T-shirt, unisex.


The pet hair on this shirt was rubbed on with love.

Blue/green, unisex.

Life is better with a rescue dog!

White/blue, unisex.

TRUST ME, I’M A Rescue Volunteer

White/blue, unisex.

I Love Rough Collies

White unisex.

I Love Smooth Collies

White unisex.

Fostering Fills Your Heart

White unisex.

Adoption is love

Collie Rescue Network

White unisex.

I HEART My Rough Collie

White/blue unisex.

Our family members include paws

White, unisex.

Support Rescues All Over Canada With The Following Tees:

$22.00 each

Proceeds to rescues all over Canada!

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