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Transport Volunteers Needed!

What is a transport volunteer?  One very smart rescuer once told me that a transport volunteer is the very first link in the chain that will become the path to a rescue dog’s new life.  They are that first step needed to get a rescue dog where they need to go and they are often the last step in the journey when they help deliver a rescue dog to their new family.

Rescue dogs all over North America are moving up and down highways every single weekend. They are picked up from shelters, cold and scared and are bundled up into a caring volunteers vehicle and whisked off to their foster home.  They are picked up from owners who can no longer care for their pets for any number of reasons and taken from there to the foster home that will ensure they are looked after until a furever family is found.  They are moved hundreds and hundred of miles to where they need to be - to that exactly right foster home who can look after them in exactly the right way!

Sometimes the perfect foster home for a dog in need is hours and hours away.  How do they get where they need to be??

Transport volunteers are those amazingly special people who offer to drive a “leg” of the transport - so if the dog needs to go on a 4 hour journey, each transport volunteer would drive about an hour (or 1 leg) and hand the dog off to the next driver and together they would make sure the dog arrives safe and sound at their destination.

To say that rescue dogs all over North America owe their lives to the transport volunteers is in no way overstating what those people mean to the rescue world!!  They truly are the lifeline that the rescue dogs need to even begin their journey!

If you can drive (transports are scheduled on weekends as a rule) in your area (about an hour in any given direction), please email us at rescue@collierescuenetwork.com and let us know.