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Transport volunteers are the first lifeline for Collies in need of rescue. They pick up a Collie from a shelter, or from an owner surrending their dog, and help ensure they get to a safe, loving foster home. They are also that drive towards their new furever home when they help get a Collie from a foster home to their brand, new family!

What Does a Transport Volunteer Do?

Transport volunteers drive for a certain amount of time (generally between 60 - 90 minutes one-way), called a “leg”, to meet the next volunteer who will then also drive that same amount of time - all towards either their foster home or their new family. Some adoptions take place over a long physical distance and therefore need multiple transport volunteers to help get the Collie to their new home. Or a Collie may need a very specific foster home (no dogs, no cats, no kids, rural only, etc.) and therefore may need to travel for awhile to get to that perfect foster for them.

Transport volunteers donate their time, vehicle and gas to help move the rescue Collies to and from where they need to be. No one is ever obligated to drive and requests will be sent to drivers, and those who can help with that particular transport will reply with their information and be ready to go on the day of the transport.

What Do You Need?

You will need a valid driver’s licence, have an insured vehicle available to you, have the time to occasionally drive and a love for rescue dogs!

You should also always have on hand (in your vehicle) a slip lead, an blanket to cover your seats (shedding!!), A bowl for water, a water bottle, and a handful of treats.

Fill out the form at the link below if you’d like to become a

Transport Volunteer:



Transport “leg” examples