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Sponsor Buddy

Buddy came to Collie Rescue Network when we learned he had been hit by a car, picked up and tossed into the ditch and left there to die. This sweet little boy somehow survived for days in the ditch, alone and in pain, until a kind soul saved him and fed him until help could arrive.  Because he was located in an area of Manitoba with no road access, the kind folks at Amik Aviation out of Winnipeg flew up, picked Buddy up and got him down to a temporary holding foster where he was given some emergency vet care.  There we discovered he has a fractured femur head and completely dislocated hip on his left side. He would need to get to Edmonton to the orthopaedic surgeon and the foster home with experience rehabbing this type of injury.  On Tuesday, November 22nd, Buddy had additional x-rays done where it was discovered he had also broken his pelvis on the right side. Because the right side has already started to mend, the vet felt it was best to let it continue to mend but the left side required a femoral head removal surgery. Buddy’s vet care, with surgery and follow-up, is expected to come to over $4000.  We NEED your financial help to make this sweet 3-4 month old boy pain free and able to live a full, happy, normal life!  Please think about donating to help Buddy!!