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Paws From The Heart

Collie Rescue Network has an active Forever Foster program and almost always has multiple dogs in care that will spend their remaining days under the umbrella of the rescue. They are safe and happy in their foster homes, generally there for health reasons but occasionally for behavioural issues. Some will spend limited time in care but some will be there for long periods. We work with each dog, individually, to ensure that their real needs are met and they are comfortable, loved and happy for whatever time they have left.

Paws From The Heart is a way to help sponsor these sweet souls. Most need regular medical care or special food, and some need behaviourists or other out of the norm needs. Buying a Paws From The Heart paw allows you to help make these dogs all continue the receive the best of everything while still allowing us to take in, pay bills for and care for Collies through the regular rescue program.!

Blue Paw:


Name on Paw:

See below for the dogs in Forever Foster looking for sponsors!

Dedicate your paw to a loved one, either 2-legged or 4-legged!

Heartfelt thanks for your support!

Sponsor Riley Sponsor Autumn Sponsor Sophie

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