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them all, mommas and babies, mostly while they hung upside down from the roof of their bungalow!

In the mid-90s, they bought a four-acre property near Collingwood, on a private lake. They had two Goldens, who used to ride in kayaks with them. They also cared for the many feral cats on the property, building them winter shelters, having them spayed and neutered, and feeding them. There were, of course, plenty of raccoons who were also very happy to make their acquaintance.

Over the years, Jack and Bob were extremely supportive of local animal organizations, donating their time in arranging fund-raisers and of course, helping financially.

Jack passed away, after a lengthy and brave battle, in 2008. Bob passed away in February, 2017. Before he died, he ensured that his and Jack’s legacy would be one of compassion for the animals they dearly loved. Bob admired the work of Collie Rescue Network, as he knew and loved CRN Alumni Teddy.

Bob and Jack were not millionaires. They were a hard working and compassionate couple, who loved their own animals dearly, and wanted to help others who were in need. That’s their legacy.

Heartfelt Collie Thanks To.....

Without the generosity of the following individuals, groups and businesses rescues like Collie Rescue Network could never continue to help the dogs we do every single day!  Heartfelt thanks from both CRN and from the rescue Collies themselves for your kindness!

Heartfelt Thanks for the generous donation left to Collie Rescue Network as part of the legacy left by Robert “Bob” Parkinson and Jack Cousins.

Robert “Bob” Parkinson and Jack Cousins were partners of almost 55 years. Throughout their lives together, they had many beloved companion animals. Their dogs ranged from Dachshunds to Standard Poodles, Golden Retrievers to Dandie Dinmonts. Jack used to show one of his Dandies, as a hobby.

When they were living in Hoggs Hollow, in Toronto, they had numerous raccoon visitors, every night. Jack would make them up peanut butter sandwiches, and Bob would gently feed

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