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Happy Tails A

Happy I gotcha day Angus! It's been 3 years since you came into my life. You were supposed to be my first foster but that was never meant to be. I took one look at the sweet angelic creature that was sent to me and instantly knew he was home. You were the missing part of our family, an integral part of making us complete that we were not even aware we were missing until we laid our eyes on you. It is funny how spirits know when they have found their way home, there was an instance connection, you were my spirit animal and I was your human spirit. It is as though we have journeyed before together and we are now continuing our path together. I don"t know your previous owners but I am eternally grateful for the care they gave to my perfect little angel until he made his way back to me. We love you Angus Jackson Brooks. Thanks for choosing us to be your family.

Adopted Dec 2014