The Adoption Process:

Please fully read the information below before applying to adopt a dog from Collie Rescue Network.

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Why We Need Your Help: Collie Rescue Network has no kennel facilities. We rely solely on the foster care system and therefore rely on the people who are willing to open their homes and their hearts to Collies in need. Each month we receive calls and emails about Collies needing help all over Canada.  In order for CRN to continue helping each and every Collie in need we are constantly searching for foster homes to meet the growing need.

What Does A Foster Home Do?  Foster homes are the safe and loving place that rescue Collies live until their furever families are found.  Every Collie you see in rescue with CRN is living with a foster family where they receive proper food, vetting, exercise and, most importantly, lots of love.  Most Collies need basic vetting (spay/neuter,vaccinations, etc.) and some minor care like antibiotics for infections  and so on, and have no real “issues”.  However, sometimes a Collie will come into rescue that needs extra special care - more serious medical issues, surgery, obedience training or even sometimes just a place to learn about being part of a family if they’ve never been allowed indoors (as in puppy mill dogs for example).

What Is Expected Of You?  We ask all our foster homes understand that there is never a time limit on the amount of time a dog may be in foster care.  Some Collies find their furever homes quickly and you may have him/her for only a few weeks while others may be in foster care for months (and even a year or more, although that is rare).  Our goal in rescue is to find the home that best matches each dog’s individual needs - so until that home comes along, the dog will stay in foster care.  We also ask that you submit the update form (found online) every week or so.  We ask that fosters understand that dogs coming into their home may be frightened or confused and may need time to readjust to life without the family they’ve always loved or even just to being in a home at all if they’ve been “outdoors only” in their past life.  We need our fosters to be patient, loving and kind - and although potty accidents and the like are not common, they DO happen and foster homes need to be understanding and patient.

What Does CRN Pay For? CRN covers all costs associated with the dog while in foster care.  We either set up an account with your vet and pay them directly or we reimburse any costs you have incurred directly to yourself.

How To Become a CRN Foster Home: The process to become a foster home for CRN is actually much like our adoption process really.  The following steps must be completed prior to being approved:

  1. Foster Home Application: You must fill in the foster home application which will be sent to our foster home coordinator, who will then be in touch by phone or email.
  2. Speaking to Your Vet: Please let your veterinarian know we will be calling.  We are just looking for basic information and a general reference (i.e.: current pets are in good health and taken care of).
  3. Home Visit: A volunteer will come to your home to chat with you, in person, about fostering and foster dogs and rescue in general.  We want to meet your family and any pets your currently have so please make sure everyone is home!  The volunteer will have great tips and information on foster dogs so be sure to ask questions!
  4. Foster Contract: Once all the above is completed and if you are approved as a foster home you will need to sign the Foster Home Agreement.  This agreement outlines what is expected of you and what is expected, by you, of CRN.

Please note that the entire process may take a few weeks depending on how close a volunteer lives to you in order to complete the home visit part of the process and other factors.

Foster Home Application