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Event Volunteering - we can’t do it without YOU!

Collie Rescue Network is funded by public donations and fundraisers.  Sometimes fundraising means attending events like Woofstock, or the Animals R Us Festival or Take The Plunge, just to name a few.  At each of these events, CRN will have a booth where people can stop by and pick up informational brochures about the rescue, ask questions about Collies or rescue or just general doggie questions and even sometimes meet a Collie or two!

The booth at each of these events is “staffed” by event volunteers - people who volunteer a Saturday or a Sunday to “man the booth”.  Manning the booth entails meeting people as they approach the booth, chatting with them and answering questions they might have about either the rescue or about the Collie breed.  There is always lots of hand-out material available so even our first-time volunteers can easily man the booth with confidence.

Attending these events is crucial to ensuring CRN gets help from the communities across Canada.  It always amazes us but every single time we participate in these events we will have people stop by, shocked that “Collies, like Lassie, need a rescue!?!”.  Many, many people don’t know that breed-specific rescues even exist.  These events help spread the word about rescues in general and about CRN in particular.

It’s also a great opportunity to help educate the public on responsible pet ownership, something that every rescue tries to do in addition to rescuing dogs (or cats, or birds or whatever critter needs help).  Educating people about spaying and neutering is, sadly, still a much, much needed service.  Even in 2012 some of the myths about spaying/neutering still exist!  “My pet will get fat”, “He won’t feel like a boy anymore”, and so on.  Helping educate about indoor dogs and never tying a dog out on a chain and so on are all very, very important parts of rescue.

If you keep an eye both on the CRN homepage as well as our News & Events sections, we will list upcoming events and how and when you can volunteer to help.  Please think about becoming an event volunteer!  We can’t do it without YOU!