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What behaviours, quirks or traits would just not work in your home, family, lifestyle….

Additional Information:  

If you would like to add anything you feel we should know about your family, your home or what you are looking for, or if you would like to expand or clarify any of your responses above, please us this space:

Do you understand and agree that Collie Rescue Network makes NO warranties as to the temperament, habits, behaviours or health of any Collie you should choose to adopt and that all adoptions are based solely on your own judgement?

Do you understand and agree that Collie Rescue Network requires an adoption donation of $400.00 to help off-set some of the costs incurred by the Collie while in the care of the rescue?

Do you understand and agree that completion of this adoption application is in NO WAY considered approval or acceptance as an adopter and is used only as a tool and that Collie Rescue Network reserves the right to refuse any adoption, for any reason, at any time?

Do you state that the information provided on this application was filled in by the person applying to adopt a dog from Collie Rescue Network and that all information is true and accurate to the best of your ability?

    Good with dogs

    Good with cats

    Good with kids

    Good with strangers

    Likes car rides

    Quiet indoors

    Quiet outside

    Obedience trained

    Good off-leash


    Crate trained

    Stay off furniture



    Couch potato


Gender preference:

Age preference:

Colour preference:

Coat preference:

Do you have any dogs:

If yes, how many:

Are they spayed/neutered:

If not, why not:

Are they vaccinated:

If not, why not

What breed(s) are they:

What are their ages:

Do you have any cats:

Do they like dogs:

How many people live at this residence:

Ages of all residents:

Do children live/spend time at this residence:

If yes, are they used to large breed dogs:

Does everyone agree to an adoption at this time:

Does anyone in the home have allergies:

How many hours would a dog be alone each day:

Does your job require you to relocate:

Is your residence a:

Do you own or rent:

If your yard fully fenced:

Are you allowed pets at this property:

What is the general activity level like inside the home (busy, active, quiet, few visitors, etc.):

What is the general activity level like outdoors (active, loud, quiet, laid-back, etc.):

What does your family generally like to do in their spare time

Has anyone living in the home ever been denied an adoption before? If yes, please provide details:

Has anyone living at this residence, or anyone who spends time here, every been investigated, charged or convicted of animal neglect or animal cruelty under any municipal, provincial/state or federal law or regulation?  If yes, please provide details:

Today’s Date:

Name of the Collie you are interested in:

Have any of your current animals ever bitten a person or another animal, causing injury of any kind? If yes, please provide details:

Do any of the animals in your house have any medical or behavioural issues:

Comments on your current pets:

Name and phone number for your veterinarian:

Landlord’s Name & Phone Number:

Are there stairs to the potty areas:

Are there stairs inside the home:

Full Name:

Postal Code:




Home Phone:


Cell Phone:

Why are you interested in adopting a Collie?

Do you have experience with Collies (or herding breeds)?

Do you understand that Collies are, generally, “barkier” than other breeds and will “bark to alert” to anything from people approaching the house to leaves blowing around their yard?

Do you understand that Collies are herding dogs and generally have herding dog traits such at nipping heels and chasing/lunging at skateboards and can be noise sensitive to thunder/motors/etc.?

Do you understand that Collies, even Smooth Collies, SHED.  Are you prepared, willing and able to brush your Collie on a regular basis and take him to a groomer as required?

If the Collie you are interested in adopting would benefit from an obedience class and CRN recommends this (or even makes it a condition of adoption) are you willing to enrol in a class with a dog?

About Your Current Pets:

General Information:

IMPORTANT INFORMATION BELOW - Please Read Carefully Before Sending This Application!

Adoption Application

Please fully read our adoption process found here before submitting an application.  You must agree to all steps of the adoption process or no adoption can take place.  CRN reserves the right to deny an adoption for any reason, at any time during the process. Completion of this form in no way guarantees your approval as an adopter.  There are no wrong answers!  All dogs & all families are unique; some dogs love long walks, some are couch potatoes - truthful answers help make that match.

Note: Incomplete applications will no longer be processed.  Please answer all the questions below and complete all information including your full name, street address, city, postal code and so on.  

WHY do rescues ask all these questions?  WHY does it matter if I walk twice a day or if I spend my days puttering around inside?

The goal for every ethical rescue group is to ensure that the dogs in their care are adopted by families who best match their individual needs, likes and quirks.  This means that we need to know a little more about you, your family and your home.  There are never any wrong answers on a adoption application!  Each answer just helps us make a better match for you and your family!

Some dogs love to romp outside all day long and would do best on a working farm, helping their family outside all day, curled up on the couch at night after a hard day’s work.  Some dogs think spending the day outside sounds like torture and prefer to snooze on a doggie bed in the air conditioning all day, thank you very much.  

Some dogs love kids and will follow them around the house, sleep at the foot of their bed at night and happily let small children pet and hug them.  Other dogs are terrified of small kids, or barely tolerate them and will growl a warning when children come close. (YES, EVEN COLLIES!!).

Each question we ask helps us get to know you better and helps us determine if your home and your family might be a good match for any of the dogs in rescue with Collie Rescue Network.  

Do Looks Really Matter?

There is nothing wrong with preferring a Smooth Collie’s looks to a Rough Collie.  Or loving the look of a Blue Merle over a Sable.  Some folks even look for specific eye colour (some love the blue eyes in a merle Collie) and still, nothing wrong with that at all.

When it becomes  a problem, though, is when behaviour and temperament are overlooked and discounted in preference of the look of a Collie.  If you have an 86-year-old, fragile grandmother living with you and you love the blue merle Collie listed in your area, making sure he won’t knock over and smash into your aging relative is more important than the colour of his coat.  Or if you live in an apartment with neighbours who love quiet, choosing that stunning Smoothie based only on his looks and ignoring the fact that he LOVES to bark at every single little noise he hears will eventually only lead to sadness and frustration for all parties involved.  

Part of why we love the Collie breed is the fact that they are, simply put, beautiful dogs.  We love the look, the way the coat flows, the lines of a Smoothie, that perfectly long, kissable nose!  But putting looks over behaviour and temperament is just asking for trouble.  Working with our Adoption Coordinator to help make that perfect match will help ensure your family, and the Collie really are that perfect match!

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Contact Information:

About Your Family:

About What You Are Looking For (indicate if your selections are flexible):

Which behaviours are important to you:

About Your Home:

Please only click Submit ONCE.

Please allow a few days for our volunteers to review your application.  We will be in touch by email or phone.  If you have not heard from anyone in a week’s time, please email to ensure your application was received.

Please review your application before clicking Submit.  Please make sure ALL the questions are answered.  Incomplete applications will no longer be processed.

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