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All About Collies….

Collies are medium to large-sized dogs that come in a variety of colours and two coat types (Rough and Smooth). They are well-known for their beautiful white collar.  No matter the colour, Collies will generally have white on their chest, collar, legs, feet and tail tip and occasionally on their face (called a blaze).

Collies live, on average, about 12 years although anything between 10 years and 14 years is considered normal. They are generally a very healthy breed with a few breed specific health issues that every Collie owner should be knowledgeable and educated about (listed above under “Health Issues”).

Collies are a loyal, sensitive and intelligent breed that are easy to train due to their eagerness to please the people around them.  They generally make good family dogs and normally get along well with children, other dogs, cats and other types of animals.  Remember thought that they are a herding breed and have been known to “herd” small children or other animals around by nipping the heels or the back of the legs.  They are also known to “nibble” when excited and will often nibble their people’s clothes or skin and while this can pinch the skin, it is not biting.

Collie are a very alert breed and like to keep an eye on the goings on around them.  Because of this most Collies will “alert bark” to just about anything they feel is different or unusual in their surroundings.  Training a Collie not to bark can be difficult as it is very instinctual for them to keep their family (their flock) safe and barking to alert you to any situation they feel you need to be made aware of is just part of their makeup.

Collies are an intelligent breed and need to be kept mentally stimulated.  A Collie left alone out in the backyard will easily become a nuisance to neighbours with their barking or to yourself when they find things to keep themselves busy (like rearranging your patio furniture or plants).  Collies will excel at many of the doggie sports and participation in any of the activities in your area with your Collie will keep them happy, healthy and mentally active (and yourself too!).  While Collies are active outdoors and need a good amount to activity and exercise, they are often labelled as “couch potatoes” when indoors and can often be found snoozing away on the couch.

The Collie is a very social breed and is happiest when they are with their people or other animals.  Collies are known to follow you from room to room and snooze in the corner as you go about your business. This is a combination of their loyalty, their social nature and their herding instincts that drive them to keep an eye on their “flock”.  They are rarely a one-man dog and are loyal and dedicated to all members of their family equally.

All in all, Collies make good family dogs and are a loyal, intelligent breed that trains easily and is good with people and other animals.  They are an all-around well-rounded dog that make a wonderful addition to any family and can adapt to almost any environment.

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